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Get signed up today with one of the best affiliate opportunities on the internet! Earn a full 20%-50% Affiliate Commission, on the hottest website on the Internet.  With this program, you can make more money than we do!

Everybody Wins:

  • The Customer you refer to us gets a fantastic advertising opportunity

  • You earn excellent Commissions for referring Customers to our site

  • Our site continues to increase traffic which brings more buyers.

  • Once you sign up, don't forget to place your own ad!  Not only will you be able to get more visitors to your site, but you will get a commission payment from us for doing it!  You could potentially get your brick for half price!


Everyone who has access to the Internet is a potential customer!

How Does our Affiliate Program Work?

It's really quite simple...just sign up and you will immediately receive a unique Affiliate identifier for use with a text ad or a banner ad (we provide you with a selection to choose from) on your site, OR you can use our links in your emails! Your affiliate ID is used to track visitors from your site or your email to ours. Each visitor is tracked for 90 days so that even if a visitor doesn't buy on one visit, but returns later to purchase, we will know it came from your site. You'll earn a commission on any sales made to that visitor.


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TOP 10 Reasons to become our affiliate:

We are the World's Largest Webpage. We have a very niche market - nobody else has it, everybody wants it.

  1. We are Original

    • As far as we know, nothing like that has been attempted before.  People like being part of activities like this and want to "leave their legacy."

  2. Our Name

    • Curiosity surrounding our name alone drives traffic to the site.

  3. Many great Affiliate Tagged Tools for your customers and for your business, including:

    • Great Banners

    • Text links

    • An Affiliate Forum (coming soon)

  4. Fun

    • We allow visitor to customize the look of the World's Largest Webpage with their own CSS.  What do you think it should look like?

  5. The Internet's most innovative new Website

    • We are attempting a world record that doesn't even exist.  Who wouldn't want to be part of that?

  6. Very aggressive Affiliate Program with top sales incentives

    • When you refer a Customer to us, you earn a full 20%-50% of the purchase price, as your commission.

    • You earn money on your direct sales AND on the sales of other affiliates that you send to the site. (This is a 2-tier affiliate system)

  7. Our Website appeals to a huge Internet audience, including

    • Every ECommerce Store owner on the Internet

    • Every Home-based Internet Business entrepreneur

    • Everyone who is considering selling on the Internet at all

    • Anyone who wants to immortalize their feelings, thoughts, or loved ones will want to be involved.

  8. Our Affiliate Program is integrated into the website and is tracked, monitored, and managed by an independent third party:

    • On line tracking tools

    • Affiliate reports

    • Updated account information

  9. Great payment plan:

    • Please refer to clixGalore for details

    • There are no minimum sales required in order to get paid

  10. Special Bonuses:

  • Occasionally we will announce specials where we will pay affiliates up to 50% commission

  • Our affiliate program is a two-tier program you can 5% of all affiliate sales that you sign up!

Ready to SIGN UP?

We have selected ClixGalore to manage our affiliate program  If you are not a member,

please sign up for your FREE account. It is fast and easy.

If you are a member please click here to add us!
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What Does It Cost To Join?


How Much Can I Make?

Your earning potential is almost unlimited. Keep in mind that EVERY Internet user is potential customer - not many Affiliate Programs have such a broad market!  While the majority of our purchases are for businesses, many individuals also purchase from us.

We offer new Affiliates a 20% commission rate, with incentive bonuses and special promotions that can offer even more financial rewards!

How Often Can I Check My Sales?

Our affiliate management system is REAL TIME which means you have access 24 hours a day and can check your account as often as you like. You'll be able to see how many visitors you have referred, pending sales and completed sales.

When Do I Get Paid?

ClixGalore manages all payment in near real-time.  Please refer to their website.

Do I Have To Have A Website To Become An Affiliate?

In most cases, the answer is yes. We prefer Affiliates who are active on the Internet and are looking for additional income opportunities for their websites.  However, you can use simple e-mails with affiliate links in them.  Make sure that you are using opt-in e-mails.  World's Largest Webpage has a strict NO SPAMMING policy.

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