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Mailing List

First on this list is our Mailing List.  Subscribe and we will keep you updated periodically on the size of the website and any specials we may be having.

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Change The Display

Use this form to filter the bricks that will be displayed and change the order in which they are displayed.

Sort the World's Largest Webpage

Highlight Your Brick

To highlight your brick you will need your brick address. The address is on your reciept. Use this URL
You will need to replace xxx with your brick address number. Use this link on your website to show visitors your place on the World's Largest Webpage.

Use Your Own Style

More information comming soon!

Did you know you can control the colors and more of the World's Largest Hompage for visitors who reach us from your URL? Just create your own custom CSS style sheet and host it on your webserver. Include the name of the file in you link to our site like this:

a href="http://www.worldslargestwebpage.com?csslink=http://www.mysite.com/styles/mycustomwlw"

For an example try these out

  • Cool Blue
  • Fire Brick Red
  • Super Six Color

    Your style sheet on your website must end with the extension css but don't include that in the url.

  • More Customization

    You can control the width of the home page. Simply attach width=xx where xx is a number. The larger the number, the more bricks that will be displayed on a line. Set it to one and only one brick will be displayed per line.

    Bold Brick Text Now available

    You now have the option to make your brick text bold. This will make your brick stand out even more than other bricks.

    Upload your own images

    You now have the option to place your own image on your brick. It will display as a tiny 20X20 image but a mouse hover will popup a 400 pixel wide image. (This image must be hosted on another site)

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