Why are you creating this website? The purpose of the worldslargestwebpage.com is to create the World's Largest Webpage.  As more and more people add their "bricks" to the page, it will continue to grow larger and larger.  The idea is to never remove a brick once it has been added.  The resulting page will make history and will, in a way, catalog the growth of the internet.  It is a great way for people to immortalize their loved ones, their beliefs, or anything else.
Who Should Participate? Quite simply, everybody should participate. 

If you have something worth announcing - why not put it on the World's Largest Webpage??

Anybody may use it to "Announce" something.  Your announcement will remain part of the World's Largest Web Page forever*.

  • Announce the birth of your child
  • Announce your engagement or wedding

Why not you?

  • Put your name on the World's Largest Webpage where it will be enshrined forever*

Anybody with a website should put their link on the World's Largest Web Page ... especially businesses should be on it

  • Businesses are an obvious answer as visitors to the World's Largest Webpage will want to visit the links that are displayed.


What if I don't have a web site? That is ok, you can still put your text on the World's Largest Webpage.  Your text will be part of the World's Largest Webpage.  Want to express your love to your wife?  Just put "Joanne and Chachi Forever".  Obviously you would want to use YOUR names.
Can I control where my brick is displayed? No, the bricks are displayed in the order they are received in each tier.  (Subject to change without notice). New orders will be displayed to the right of and below older orders in each tier.  This means that the sooner you get listed, the closer to the top of your tier you will be.  In limited circumstances we may move a few bricks at our discretion in order to better utilize the space of the page.
Can I make changes to my brick? No, once the brick is paid, it is locked in the database and will be displayed forever* as you entered it.  Please use the edit button and double check your brick before submitting it.

We will allow you to update the URL of the brick.  You may contact us for this change for a fee or you may do it online for free (as of launch date 1/1/06 this online feature is in beta, please try the page here and contact us if you have trouble.).  You will only be allowed to change the URL.  (If we feel this is being abused, we will limit the number of changes, turn off changes completely, and/or charge for all changes - see below.) To make the change you must have your receipt from PayPal.  Information on this receipt will be used to verify your "ownership" of the brick.

The display text, the images, and the popup text are not changeable.

You are not allowed to rent or sell your brick or receive any kind of compensation for your brick. This kind of activity will limit the overall size of the World's Largest Web Page.

What do I get for my payment? Your payment constitutes an agreement between you (the buyer) and us (the seller) that your items purchased (display text, images, etc) will be displayed on the default page of http://www.worldslargestwebpage.com for 30 days  -- we do NOT remove your brick after 30 days.  Our  intention is to leave your brick there forever*. We know that forever is not possible and we will not remove you brick (unless you break our Terms of Service or request a refund).  However, in order to put some sort of time limit for legal purposes we are guaranteeing a minimum of 30 days.  If we fail to display your brick for a minimum of 30 days, you will be entitled to a full refund and removal of your brick.  Any time longer than 30 days and our obligation to you will be considered complete  - and we will still continue to display your brick.
Can I cancel my order? It depends.  In most cases the answer is yes.  The exception is for adult or pornographic material - see QA about adult content for details.  If you are not adding adult content then your answer is:

Yes, if for any reason you are dissatisfied, you may cancel your order.  Orders cancelled within 14 days of purchase will be fully refunded and removed from the site. Orders cancelled between 14 and 30 days will be refunded on a prorated basis and their brick removed from the site.  This means that an order cancelled on the 15th day will be entitled to a 50% refund and the brick will be removed.  An order cancelled on the 27th day will be entitled to a 10 % refund and the brick removed from the site.  Cancellations after 30 days are not allowed.  After 30 days our obligation to display your brick has ended - but we will continue to display it forever*.

What about adult content? Since the site receives much traffic from those who may be of a young age, we will not allow links to adult themed or pornographic content.  The display text, popup text, and URL should not contain any objectionable or crude language.

Failure to abide by this rule will result in the completion of your order.  Our obligation to display pornographic or adult content (as determined by us) is reduced from 30 days to 3 milliseconds.  We will remove it as fast as we can and our obligation to you will be considered complete - there will be no refunds - please don't place objectionable material on this site.

How Do I Contact You You may contact us at sales@worldslargestwebpage.com or
PO BOX 788, Queen Creek, Az, 85242
What are your Terms and Conditions? Please read them here.
Other More to come. Have a question that is not answered? Please email support@worldslargestwebpage.com

* Forever obviously cannot be guaranteed.  Our goal is to keep the site up as long as possible - for many years to come.

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